Lighting and Home Decor Trends for 2018

We've got expert insights on the hottest lighting trends for 2018

The experts at Multiluminaire Lighting share their top tips on this year’s design trends

There’s no better way to prep for the upcoming season than by giving your home a bright new look. Thankfully, the team at Multiluminaire Lighting have just what we need to get started. This year’s trends include brass and copper accents, geometric light fixtures, rich textures and much more.

Keep reading to find out what’s hot in lighting for 2018…


1. Copper and brass light fixtures

The copper and brass trend is not going anywhere. According to the Multiluminaire team, now is the perfect opportunity to leverage the rich reflections of these metal accents to brighten up your space. Normally, copper and brass are associated with more traditional, bourgeois themes. Now, copper and brass help add a contemporary, modern sparkle to any room. This is thanks to their unique reflective properties.

The rich colours of these metals are the perfect partner to any lighting scheme. Not only do they highlight the existing colour of the walls, they act as a glimmering focal point. For products, Multiluminaire recommends these chic copper and brass light fixtures.

In addition to light fixtures, brass is the perfect material for subtle accents like furniture feet, contours and small accessories. For 2018, it’s all about being chic and glamorous, which is what makes this metal’s unique glimmer the perfect trend for the season.

As an alternative, brass also comes in a darker, more matte shade (often called antique brass). Not sure which paint colour to pair it with? Multiluminaire suggests antique pink! This old-fashioned shade goes especially well with brass and creamy-white accessories.


2. Geometric design

Geometric light fixtures might not be new, but they’re a timeless trend that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. The geometric trend is particularly popular in modern and eclectic homes, but what makes this trend special is that it can be used elsewhere, too.

For example, these unique fixtures are perfect for an industrial or ethnic-themed space. According to the Multiluminaire team, when designing your home with this trend, focus on natural and neutral colours for fabrics and other materials. Raw wood, bamboo and braided wicker are crucial to this decorative style. In keeping with the geometric trend, carpets and woven tapestries with geometric motifs fit in perfectly with any ethnic decor.


3. Wicker and elk

Wicker and elk are natural materials that integrate well with ethnic chic, traditional and farmhouse decor styles. In the past, wicker and rattan were reserved for outdoor furniture. For 2018, however, this Swedish trend is being is being given a fresh new angle. While wicker goes well with most colours, avoid pairing this trend with similar toned shades like beige or brown. Most other colours will do just fine! Go ahead and choose one that suits your taste.

This trend can be found in more than just furniture. For 2018, the latest decor trend includes pendant wicker light fixtures. The natural, neutral and raw materials of these light fixtures add a romantic and charming glow to any space, and are a must-have this season.

The key to this trend? Simplicity! As with the furniture, it’s best to avoid using wicker pendant light fixtures in a room with a beige colour scheme, as the colours will wash out. Pick a contrasting colour to get the perfect look.