Meet Canada’s Newest Eco-homeware Brand, Takasa

Luxury linen meets organic, fair trade cotton with the new offering from Takasa

Luxury linen meets organic, fair trade cotton with the new offering from Takasa

Starting a business is a big deal on a regular day, but to do so during a global pandemic is a task unlike any other. Thankfully, Ruby and Kuljit Rakhra knew their idea was worth fighting for, despite the odds. With a positive attitude and plenty of business smarts, this husband and wife-duo created Canada’s newest luxury eco-friendly homeware brand, Takasa.

Their goal? To make it easier to shop sustainablewithout compromising quality, luxury or comfort.

Explore what sets them apart below…

Named after the Swahili word meaning “to purify, cleanse and make bright”, Takasa sells luxury homeware linens ranging from duvet covers and bedding to bath towels and crib sheets. Not only is every product made with 100 percent organic, fair trade cotton, the brand is also Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres.

Ruby and Kuljit’s business journey began with embracing parenthood and discovering uncomfortable realities about their shopping habits. “Textile industries are in the midst of a moral and ethical crisis,” explains Ruby, “While doing research, we discovered that traditional methods of manufacturing cotton use harmful insecticides and pesticides.”

They also learned that cheap overseas labour is highly exploitative, and workers are subject to abysmal working conditions. “We didn’t want our shopping choices to amplify these issues,” she says.

Moved by their research and findings, Ruby and Kuljit resolved to do their part for the planet and become “conscious” shoppers. When they couldn’t find what they were looking for, the choice became clear: they would have to create an ideal brand for themselves.

But there was one obstacle they couldn’t even have planned for: COVID-19.

“Picture this,” says Kuljit, “It’s 6 a.m. on March 11, 2020, and we’re on our way to the Green Living Show in Toronto to officially launch our business to the world. Our bags are packed and our trade show displays and stock have been shipped.”

“Then we get a text alert that the venue, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, has been named the potential location of a COVID-19 outbreak.” Just days later, all of Canada—and the world—would come to a halt.
Despite the financial hit of the cancellation, health and safety was the main priority. The duo reshifted their focus to online marketing efforts. “We took a few days to let things settle and then went full speed ahead with our digital marketing plan.”

Kuljit and Ruby note that the pandemic is multi-dimensional in the way it has altered the business landscape… and the world. E-commerce continues to expand rapidly since March, and those craving real-world connections are spending far more time on social media.

Takasa has managed to survive and thrive thanks in part to its online community. The brand successfully tapped into a loyal network that cares about the same things they do: shopping sustainable, living mindfully, and doing their part for the planet.

The Rakhras have sound advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to pursue their ideas even in times like these. “Maintain a positive attitude, build a following online and create a strong, digital community.”
Through quality social media content, newsletters and blog posts, Takasa has grown its online following and snagged invites to online marketplace platforms, where the company can showcase products and extend consumer reach.

Among Takasa’s product line, Ruby and Kuljit have a particular love for the soft Percale cotton sheet sets (which also happen to be a Takasa best seller). “They offer coolness and crispness, perfect for any season,” says Kuljit, “We love that our products can help benefit sleep, health and wellness!” 

So what’s next for the business?

“Our aim is to become your favourite eco-conscious lifestyle brand,” the duo says. “We’re excited to soon launch flannel bedding, an elegant quilt set and locally-made duvet inserts. There will also be a surprise collection for the little ones launching this coming winter. Stay tuned!”