Mix and Match Vintage Decor Pieces in Your Home

Vintage pieces are in - and they're easier on your wallet and the environment

Credit: TV Week

Select vintage pieces you can incorporate into your current home decor

Make your home a little greener with stylish vintage pieces

Vintage fashions are as hot in your clothes closet as they are in your living space.

The secret to décor success when it comes to unveiling pre-loved vintage treasures? Mix and match!

Pair cool vintage selections with pieces you already own and spice up the look with a few new accessories. For inspiration, visit well-edited shops such as Fullhouse (1545 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver), where they pair original, sophisticated vintage furniture from the 1930s and 1970s with brand-new stock.

This fall, soft buttery leather, smooth oiled teak and industrial metal never looked better.

Plus, vintage design is not only cool — it’s good for your pocketbook and the planet.

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