Mixing Wood Tones at Home

Not sure about mixing wood tones in the same room? Look for an underlying hue that will be an attractive complement

If the colour and grain of the wood pieces aren’t complementary, chances are they won’t make a good fit

Q: How can I incorporate different wood tones in the same room?

When mixing woods, both the colour and the grain of the wood need to be taken into consideration.

When I mix woods, I look for species with an element that ties into the next.

For example, if you’re using a vibrant zebrawood, try pulling out the caramel tone and finding a similar colour in a species with a subtle grain.

Another approach is to look at the various wood tones together; if they’re harmonious, go for it!

Ashy-toned woods don’t mix well with warm gold or red, but an espresso with the same underlying hue will be an attractive complement.

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