Moustache-themed Drinkware

Feel like a sir every time you take a sip from these moustache-y cups

Add refinement to your everyday beverages with these wacky cups

Fun and playful moustachioed drinkware for your home bar

A stiff drink might put a little hair on your chest, but one swig from this pint glass will sprout an entire moustache.

This quirky glassware is perfect for parties, and adds a touch of sophistication to an everyday glass of water. Its cousin, the porcelain tumbler, offers the same offbeat look for your on-the-go beverages.

If you’re after moustache flair, but you’re more inclined to sip wine than swill beer or coffee, try the handlebar moustache corkscrew. This stylish moustache will charm the cork out of any bottle, and its curly tips double as a bottle opener. 

Pint glass, $7, Tumbler, $20, Front and Company; Corkscrew, Fred & Friends.

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