Trending for 2015: Opulence in Home Design

Think preppy, over-the-top and mid-century modern when it comes to decor this year

Elegance and opulence take the lead in 2015

If you ask designers Janette Ewen and Jef Hancock of Parker Barrow Design, 2015 marks a major shift from reclaimed and industrial to preppy, over-the-top and “mid-century modern with a twist.”

Rustic throwbacks to a pioneer-type lifestyle and moments of ’70s revival will once again be a thing of the past.

“We’ll probably see less of the reclaimed wood and Mason jar lighting, and more demand for elegance and opulence – richer colors, bolder prints, adding more layers and texture to the usual minimalist modern decor,” says Hancock.

When it comes to the over-the-top trend, Ewen says think “more is more,” like Liberace or Vegas in the ’60s.

The preppy look won’t be too far of a stretch for locals, as it has nautical roots in the Canadian West Coast.

“We think this style will really flatter West Coast houses and apartments,” says Ewen. “The preppy trend is all about the classic colours – navy, pink, greens and preppy motifs and patterns – like a lattice print.”

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Opt for Lasting Trends

Ewen suggests framing cool wrapping paper for a feature wall or using spray paint to add trendy colours to a space. “Repaint a lamp or a side table in a hot colour and you will love the look,” she says.

However, the biggest challenge with trends is not being trendy, explains Hancock.

“If you’re scrambling to keep up with trends and constantly buying replacement items for the same room, chances are that room will suffer from a lack of authenticity and never have a cohesive feel or lived-in-warmth.”

“Trends come and go, but they leave us good contributions,” he says. “The key is learning what items and materials are the best contributions of a trend, ones that have the most staying power, because they always look good when used properly.”

Whimsical Statement-Making

Of all the trends in 2015, the one most welcomed by Ewen is mid-century modern with a whimsical twist.

“We adore the minimal lines, ’50s-inspired fabrics and patterns, and when you throw in a quirky accessory or print, we are sold.”

With such a major design shift, are scads of expensive makeovers around the corner?

“Pattern is a really affordable way to bring a trend into your home,” says Ewen. “From a wallpaper feature wall to throw pillows, you can really add impact with prints.”

In 2015, Parker Barrow is launching a new line of wallpapers, including the lobster lattice and shark chevron prints shown above.

There’s No Time Like the Present

With the holiday season wrapped up, Hancock says January is a good time to start sketching and planning for an upcoming makeover, and you might be able to capitalize on close-out sales of last year’s products.

“Just ask yourself this question: Are you buying it because it’s cheap, or because it’s a great item that will complement your design?”

Perhaps some of the best advice from the team at Parker Barrow is to trust your own eye when it comes to décor and design. “If it looks right, it is right,” says Ewen.

For a little guidance and inspiration, Ewen suggests picking up a copy of Dorothy Draper’s décor manifesto Decorating is fun!, which she calls a “super fun crash course in decor and design.”

Get more tips from Janette Ewen and Jef Hancock of Parker Barrow during their presentation at the BC Home + Garden Show, running Feb. 18 to 22 at BC Place.