Outdoor Rooms: Create a Perfect Patio with BC Home’s 16 Favourite Finds for Sensational Summer Living

Stylish patios, decks and backyards are within reach with these 16 summer finds from solar lights to portable grills and deck chairs

Credit: Courtesy Pottery Barn

Courtesy Pottery Barn

Escape to the outdoors! Accessorize your patio with our 16 summer picks

Take one look at this gorgeous image (above) and you can practically hear the waves lapping at the beach and smell the briny aroma of seafood on the grill.

Poof! You realize this is just a fantasy and that your backyard can never look like this picture-perfect vignette created by Pottery Barn.

No way. Take your indoor design philosophy outside and create an outdoor room to rival your inside space. Roll out a rug. Gather some colourful chairs and table. Accessorize with some lights and chic tableware. Then fire up the barbie!

We’ve put together 16 inspirational items to get your backyard escape or patio in fine form.

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