Outdoorsy-inspired Home Decor

Inspired by the great outdoors, these items arouse a sense of freshness and adventure

Take a cue from the great outdoors and add some ‘au naturel’ to your living space

  1. Slough off the day with Lejum’s revitalizing Dead Sea body salt scrub, rich in naturally occurring minerals and blended with aromatherapy oils, available in bergamot and mandarin. $38; Heather Ross [in house]
  2. A natural stone floats amid rose gold iron in the Agate accent table lamp. Call for pricing; Peridot 
  3. Air plants, or Tillandsia, take minimalist gardening to new heights, requiring no soil and very minimal care. From $5 to $12; The Flower Factory
  4. Designer Omer Arbel uses sand-casting to create Series 19, a bowl designed for Bocci and made from 100% recycled copper. The method results in a completely unique shape for every piece created, and is finished by contrasting the rough surround with a highly polished centre. Price upon request; Bocci
  5. The nautical rope napkin ring will tie together any summer table setting. $5; The Cross
  6. Local designer Noelle Nikas’s irreverent fresh flowers custom fabric adds a touch of whimsy to any room. Priced per project; Spoonflower
  7. Drink from your own fountain of youth with the Elixir of Life porcelain mug collection, available in three styles: moose and deer antlers, and the ram’s horn. $38 each; Front and Company

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