Installing Patterned Wallpaper

Not sure how to incorporate a funky patterned wallpaper into your home? Our expert lays out how to plan your papering project

Credit: Clarke & Clarke

Small rooms are the perfect place to experiment with bold paper prints

Q: I am interested in installing bold, graphic wallpaper in my downstairs bathroom, but am unsure if such a large print will work in a small space. Do you have any suggestions on how to select the right scale of wallpaper for the room?

I am a huge fan of wallpaper to personalize a space. It offers great versatility.

For example, grass-cloth patterned wallpaper can provide simple texture, while eye-catching geometric patterns can add energy to the room.

The Rules of Wallpaper

There are a couple of basic rules when planning your papering project. Larger more spacious rooms call for a calm or softer pattern. A smaller space enables you to be more adventurous and select a vibrant colour or complex pattern.

Papering a single or accent wall is an effective way to introduce a bold pattern into any size space without overwhelming things.

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