Recycled glass tiles by Interstyle

Interstyle sources scrap glass to create stunning recycled glass tiles.

Interstyle sources scrap glass to create stunning recycled glass tiles

Anyone who has ever watched a Hollywood blockbuster recognizes the make-believe sound of shattering glass, but a quarter-century ago, when a shipment of window glass had met its maker, Interstyle heard the siren call to save that load from the landfill.

“Essentially, this is where the glass tile industry started,” says Interstyle’s Robyn Palmen, who works in architectural sales. “A scrap glass dealer approached the owner and said, ‘Can you do something with this?’”

Today, the Burnaby-based company actively sources scrap glass to create its stunning recycled glass tiles, which are distributed worldwide. Its newest collection, IceStix, are shimmering mosaic strips (mesh-mounted on 12-by-12-inch sheets) of colour blends in various textures and finishes. Iridescent and matte whites make up the tone-on-tone Freeze, while Flare features statement-making fiery reds.

With more of a mandate to achieve LEED status, Palmen says designers are driving demand in effort to fulfill their clients’ requirements. And it’s a smart long-term investment. “It’s one of the benefits of tile,” says Palmen. “It lasts the life of the job.”

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