Recycled Tire Shingles Make Modern Roofs Beautiful and Environmentally Friendly

These recycled shingles look just like cedar shakes, but cost less, are made from recycled tires and are guaranteed to last a lifetime

Credit: Penfolds Roofing Inc.

EcoRoof is a beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional roofing shakes

Time for a new roof? Why not go eco-friendly with an EcoRoof made from recycled rubber tires

Cedar shakes and asphalt shingles may be the most common rooftops, but if you’re looking to go with something a little more environmentally friendly, you might want to consider a rubber roof with shakes produced from recycled tires.

EcoRoof shakes aren’t anything like the recycled shingles from 10 years ago that looked like actual strips of tires. These shakes look a lot like their cedar counterparts, and are engineered to last a lifetime. They’re also easy to install, making them cost effective. The new medium-weight shakes have a slimmer profile and are about 20% less expensive compared to previous thicker shakes, costing on average $7/ft2.
“Between the durability of the product and this new pricing we can offer, we expect this next generation of rubber roofing to be an industry changer,” said Ken Mayhew, president of Penfolds Roofing and exclusive supplier of the EcoRoof for BC. “We expect that people will embrace this long-lasting and affordable roofing system for re-roofing and new construction, especially since it helps the environment at the same time.”

Save the Environment with Your Roof

Ken Mayhew believes so strongly in the EcoRoof he recently reshingled his own home with the product. Photos courtesy Penfolds Roofing Inc.

For every home that uses the EcoRoof, an average of 400 tires will be kept from the landfill. On top of being environmentally friendly, it’s a durable, quality product that features a transferable, non-pro-rated warranty for the first 50 years. The shakes are also available in a number of different colours that replicate the rich and appealing look of traditional wood roofing.

At the Home & Garden Show this year, Mayhew said he was inundated by consumers who were amazed at how much the EcoRoof shakes look like authentic cedar shakes. EcoRoof shakes are produced in panels that seal together. Mayhew said they’re ideal for re-roofing existing homes that have cedar shakes or asphalt shingles, and are especially attractive for homes that have a shiplap deck, as they can be installed on this type of roof deck without having to install plywood.

EcoRoof is LEED Certified

Ridgeview Elementary school with the EcoRoof shingles. Photos courtesy Penfolds Roofing Inc.

Last year, Penfolds installed the thicker EcoRoof shakes on North Vancouver’s Ridgeview Elementary School during seismic upgrading. One of the reasons the school district selected the EcoRoof was because it’s approved for use toward the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Apart from the environmental benefits of using this recycled product, it also provides significant soundproofing, is very durable and can be walked on without denting, cracking or scratching the roof.
“As you might expect, once the EcoRoof is installed, it is likely to last the lifetime of the home,” Mayhew said.
EcoRoof is available exclusively in BC from Penfolds Roofing Inc.