Sarah Baeumler’s 5 Steps to a Fresh Home for Summer

Design expert and television host Sarah Baeumler shares her tips on how to freshen up your home this summer

Design expert and television host Sarah Baeumler shares her tips on how to freshen up your home this summer

Style enthusiast Sarah Baeumler has been in the spotlight since 2009 when she and husband Bryan designed and created their dream home on the HGTV hit television show, House of Bryan.

Since then, she has successfully continued to build the Baeumler brand, including running The Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids, a non-profit organization which provides renovations to families in need.

Back again with a new series, Bryan Inc., the couple will be building and restoring investment properties and giving viewers a glimpse into their personal lives as well. And no matter how busy she may be with other houses, Sarah’s main focus remains on balancing her active career, while raising their four children in their beautiful home. 

We recently caught up with Sarah when she was on a media tour in Vancouver promoting Oxiclean. Click through for her tips on refreshing your home this summer…

Clean your carpets

“Area rugs and doormats are a magnet for collecting dust and dirt. Take advantage of the warmer weather to shake them off outdoors. If you can, leave them hanging on the clothes line or on a fence to air out while you clean your floors.”


“As you make your way through your house clearing off surfaces, only put back the things that you and your family really love. This is a great way to rid your home of clutter.”

Deep clean the laundry room

“Sinks and tile floors can be daunting to clean and can often attract mold and mildew. Get grout looking like new by scrubbing it with an old toothbrush. Your bathroom will be sparkling clean in no time.”

Transition with bright colours and new patterns

“Try revamping your home accessories, such as pillows and linens. To ensure your throws and pillowcases stay stain-free and vibrant longer, use a stain protector—and a remover to take care of accidental spills or stains.”

Reorganize your bookshelves

“For a quick and easy refresh, reorganize your bookshelves. Sort books by size and subject and remove any dust and ripped jackets. Arrange books, some vertically and some horizontally, in a rhythmic pattern. This will help relieve the monotony of rows and make space for some of your favourite trinkets or accessories.”