6 Simple Ways to Update Your Table Setting

Whether it's for a family dinner or Sunday brunch, here are some easy ways to elevate your dining decor

Whether it’s for a family dinner or Sunday brunch, here are some easy ways to elevate your dining decor

Although you may not be hosting in abundance this year, there’s something special about a home-cooked meal on a thoughtfully decorated dining table. It’s the small touches that make the most impact, and that’s what we’re striving for this seasonbecause in a world that’s often chaotic, simple is often better.


1. Mix and match your glasswear

Does anyone even have a full set of glassware intact anymore? If you do, we applaud you. If not, embrace the mix-and-match approach, which adds a little fun to your dining table. The eclectic combination of old and new glass shapes, sizes and even colours can seem off-putting to some, but once you’ve embraced these vintage vibes you may never go back.

The key to pulling off this style is sticking to a theme. Unless your theme is full-on rainbow, we suggest limiting the number of coloured glasses to two or three, and make sure the tone of these colours is the same. For example, you don’t want to mix pastels with bold shades. When it comes to the cut of your glass, don’t shy away from varying patterns as this is what will give your dining table a distinctive look. Don’t have enough glassware? Instead of heading to your closest IKEA, try out your local thrift shop for totally unique and super-affordable pieces. 


2. Invest in serving sets

Add style and flare by choosing eye-catching serving utensils. Salad tongs, cheese knife sets and serving spoons all have a purpose, so why not make them stand out from your basic utensils (we’re looking at you, knife and fork)? We particularly love this gorgeous two-piece gold-finished serving set from Vancouver’s Blush Peony. Great for salads, pasta, casseroles and any other dishes you need to serve up, these durable stainless steel utensils will add a glam element to your table. And yes, you can mix metals! Having both silver and gold flatware on the table is totally acceptable.


3. Go foraging

Hear us out! Centrepieces bring focus and beauty to a table but can often come at a high cost. Instead, top your table with some fun and crafty DIY projects that are guaranteed to save you a pretty penny and elevate your decor. No matter where you live, be it the city, coast or mountains, you’re never far from a park or forest in Canada. So why not make the most of what’s on your doorstep? Grab your walking boots and head out to collect something from your garden or a few branches that have fallen off a tree to create an organic arrangement of loose garlands down the centre of the table. Just arrange your finds in a cluster and the beautiful colours and textures will do the rest. 


4. Set the mood with candles

Candles are the perfect addition to any tabletop as they create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Adding a sense of calm to your evening, the dim light sets the mood by invoking warmth and relaxation. Pick a simple candlestick and holder to coordinate with your settings, or opt for a unique candleholder to make a statement. Tapers are having a comeback moment and we love this Take Me to Paris trio from Mala the Brand. Handmade from soy wax candles and featuring a cotton wick, these gorgeous tapers are elegant with a twist (literally).


5. Keep your dinnerwear basic

Some items are classics for a reason, and when investing in a good set of neutral dinnerwear, you’re purchasing timeless pieces that will last. The ultimate dining essential, basic dining sets look good year after year and serve as a blank slate for table accents, beautiful food, and can transition from season to season. We love these chic, artisanal ceramic white dinner plates with subtle hand-antiquing on the rims from Crate and Barrel, which add a unique twist on a classic piece.


6. Add texture with placemats

Aside from protecting your dining table by preventing any stains, watermarks or heat damage, placemats are a great, affordable way to change up the style of your dining table. There’s also something special about a placemat that makes everything look instantly more formal, not to mention you can easily switch them out depending on the season and reason. These light pink placemats from Vancouver’s The Cross add a fun pop of colour while not overwhelming the rest of the table setting.