Sinks and Tubs for a Beautiful Bathroom

These modern, elegant and unique fixtures will turn your loo into a true oasis

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The right sink and tub will ensure a comfortable respite when nature calls

As one of the highest-trafficked rooms in your home, and the place where you start and end your day, your bathroom should be a space that’s comforting and welcoming, and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Your guests will spend time there as well, so it’s a good place to put your best foot forward and let your personality shine through – especially in the two biggest bathroom fixtures: the bathtub and sink.

Here’s a selection of stylish sinks and beautiful bathtubs to turn your bathroom into your very own oasis.

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Basins don’t have to be boring old white. Make a bold statement with a countertop basin in a vibrant colour, like the Incandescence Lavatory by Decolav, available at Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centre.

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Overcounter Sinks

Overcounter sinks provide a stylish and modern focal point for your bathroom. Go sleek and elegant with an overcounter sink like the Nouvella by Cheviot, available at Norburn Lighting & Bath Centre.

Credit: Cheviot

Pedestal Sinks

You’ll feel like royalty in a Victorian-style bathroom featuring a pedestal sink like the Cheviot Mini Victorian Pedestal, also available at Norburn Lighting & Bath Centre.

Credit: Maax / Ove

Free-standing Baths

A free-standing tub set apart from the shower is not only luxuriously comfy, but also looks stunning.Go modern with a tub like the Ambrosia by Maax, available at Splashes, or complement your Victorian pedestal sink with an old-school clawfooted tub like the Ove, available at Ripples Kitchen and Bath.

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Japanese Soaking Tubs

Fitted with a bench seat for bathing comfort, Japanese-style soaking tubs are deep to allow water to stay warmer longer and to ensure your whole body gets a nice soak.Cantu Bathrooms carries soaking tubs produced by Stone Forest.

Credit: Bain Ultra – Meridian Collection

Therapeutic Baths

If a long hot soak isn’t enough to wind down after a hard day, a therapeutic bath may be just what the doctor ordered. BainUltra makes a number of relaxing high-tech tubs with “ThermaSens” and “ThermoMasseur” technology; the tubs are fitted with features like aromatherapy oil diffusers, circulated heating zones, and hydro-thermo massage. Available at Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre.