Spring 2015 Home and Garden Trends

Luxury throw pillows, West Coast shades of grey, the return of the houseplant and a new plant that grows potatoes and tomatoes simultaneously are all trending this spring in home decor

These four decor trends will freshen up your home and garden for spring

Fries with that?

There is a highly anticipated plant coming to North America this year, according to local landscape designer Jordan McDonald, and it’s called Ketchup ’n’ Fries. “It sounds like it came from some crazy laboratory, but the process is nothing new,” says McDonald. Ketchup ’n’ Fries by TomTato is an all-natural, non-genetically modified tomato that’s simply been grafted onto a potato plant root stock, the two being old relatives. “This means that you have a tomato plant producing tasty fruit up top, while the roots are producing potatoes under the soil,” says McKay. It’s a hardworking plant that saves on space, making it ideal for patio or container veggie gardeners.

Available at VanDusen Garden Shop, 5251 Oak Street 

West Coast Watercolour

Vancouver’s Joue Design has just launched its latest collection of luxury throw pillows. The Colette design (centre) from the spring/summer 2015 collection revels in West Coast blues and greens, drawing inspiration from the coastline between Vancouver and California. The Zoe collection (left and right) was inspired by South France’s spring meadows and borrows colours from the crystal lapis blue of the French Riviera. Designed and handcrafted in Vancouver, the backs of the pillows feature a 100 per cent metallic linen and each is finished with Joue’s signature gold topstitching.

$249-$269, JoueDesign.com; available at Mint Interiors, 1880 Fir Street

Return of the Houseplant

It’s official: 2015 marks the return of the houseplant. And local landscape designer Jordan McDonald says ByNature’s Wallflower living frame has grown to be a top choice for urban dwellers as more and more people are trying to find creative ways to bring plants inside the home and office. McDonald says this is by far the lowest maintenance and most accessible living wall system for beginner green thumbs – all you have to do is add water. The Wallflower and ByNature’s Boskke sky planter (an upside-down hanging pot) both have foolproof water indicators that tell you when it’s time to hydrate.

ByNatureDesign.ca; available at Bird on a Wire, 2535 Main Street

Grey Area

The movie may not have won over audiences, but shades of grey paint couldn’t be a more popular choice for West Coast homes this season. As designer Ami McKay puts it, “grey is the new beige,” and it’s trending as the basis for all colour palettes throughout the house. McKay personally prefers her greys on the taupey side and insists homeowners add earthy elements to give some life to a stark palette, such as baskets or wood pieces. Layering is also important, so if you’ve got a grey wall with a grey rug, incorporate some contrast with something like worn-in, tan leather chairs – because, yes, “there is such a thing as too much of a good thing,” says McKay.

Pictured: Benjamin Moore paint in Stonington Gray HC-170, BenjaminMoore.com