Spruce Up Your Home With Some Aromatherapy

These scents are sure to boost your mood and rejuvanate the senses

Credit: BC Home

This maple syrup-scented candle is sure to get you feeling nostalgic

These scents introduce a new level of luxury into your home

Aroma Therapy From woodsy bases to exotic top notes, the newest candles, sprays and diffusers bring room scents to a luxe level. 

The hottest aromatherapy products on shelves right now

1. Transport yourself to the British countryside with Moroccan Rose Room Spray from U.K. luxury brand True Grace. One spritz of this floral-and-wood blend will have you hankering for tea and a Jane Austen novel ($35, Provide).

2. Fruits & Passion’s handcrafted Lotus-Nenuphar perfumed candle provides 40 hours of aquatic-and-floral fragrance. Bonus: the stylish glass case and wood cover can be reused long after the candle has burned out ($30, Fruits & Passion).

3. Get nostalgic for Mom’s pancake breakfasts with the distinctive scent of Roots’ made-in-Canada Maple Candle that comes in a maple syrup tin. When lit, the natural wood wick crackles like a July 1 sparkler. Patriotic, eh? ($14, Roots).

4. Spritz the subtle lime fragrance of Jo Malone’s Acqua di Limone Scent Surround Spray on linens, soft furnishings and even skin for an instant luxe upgrade. Folding laundry never felt so decadent ($65, Holt Renfrew).

5. Break out the mai tais: a waft of the exotic fragrance from Malie Organics’ Coconut and Vanilla Diffuser will make your home feel like an island paradise. Made with pure perfume oil, the scent is guaranteed to last more than a year ($65, Beauty Mark).

6. The pebble-shaped Easy Scent Diffuser by French fragrance specialist Lampe Berger evokes the simple silhouettes of a Zen garden. An innovative cold-release system maintains the potency of the scent’s essential oils (like lemon and cedar) – giving the words “pure bliss” a new meaning (starting at $54.99, Black Door Decor).


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