Sustainable Furniture Maker Montauk Sofa Opens in Vancouver

Carbon neutral and made in Canada, Montauk Sofa's sustainable wares are now available in Vancouver

Credit: TVW

Montauk Sofa has been producing carbon-neutral, sustainable furniture since 2006

Montauk Sofa’s new Vancouver digs showcase made-in-Canada sustainable furniture

You may have heard that Montauk Sofa recently moved to a lofty new space in Gastown (228 Abbott St., Vancouver), but did you know that this esteemed Canadian company is a green leader in the manufacturing world?

It’s just one of many reasons to covet their fabulous made-in-Canada furniture line. Carbon-neutral since 2006, emissions from the entire manufacturing process are offset, including employees’ commuting habits. Montauk owners can even return their used products for cash or rebates on future purchases.

Established in 1995 by founder and president Tim Zyto, the forward-thinking company is family owned and manufactures each of its pieces in Montreal. Montauk Sofa Vancouver joins sister boutiques in Montreal, New York, Toronto, Chicago and Calgary.

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