Thanksgiving Decor: Organic Trimmings Add Fall Colour and Texture to Your Living Space

Use the vibrant offerings of nature to add some seasonal decoration to your home

Credit: TV Week

Incorporate the varied colours and textures of the fall season into holiday decorations

Capture the beauty of the changing seasons in a Thanksgiving centrepiece using organic trimmings as natural decorative elements

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and simple pleasures — a wonderful time for a seasonal stroll to add some organic colours and texture to your living space.

You’ll enjoy the dazzling array of autumn colours while gathering leaves, seed pods, moss and flowers to bring indoors.

In the garden, harvest the last of your baby squashes, gourds or pumpkins and bring them inside — or, pick some up at the market.

Assembled in a wooden bowl or scattered on a bed of leaves on a table or buffet, they’ll add instant charm and delight. Glass vessels and vases will stylishly present your other treasures, such as pods, nuts, stones and sticks.

For a lush touch, simply add a low saucer of thick, velvety moss.

Sip a Thanksgiving wine pairing while you enjoy your seasonal decor.

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