The New Neutrals: Muted Paint Tones Are Enjoying a Renaissance

Got the neutral paint blues? Neutral colours are being redefined for a divine design

Credit: Courtesy PPG Pittsburgh Paints

Stormy is a new neutral from PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ Atmospheric collection

Neutral tones are back, and they’re more colourful than ever

PPG Pittsburgh Paints is giving its paint deck a facelift with the new Atmospheric collection: neutral colours are making a comeback.

And I don’t just mean beige, white and grey, although you can create a surprising amount of impact in a space by using the traditional palette. For example, you can paint the walls in shades of white and add drama with gothic-chic black furniture, softening the contrast with a shaggy cream carpet, some accent pillows and lighting. 

The New Neutrals are Low-intensity Hues

The “new” neutral is everything in between and beyond these traditional shades. It’s an array of muted and low-intensity versions of the tones on the colour wheel that will bring a new kind of drama to your home.

Do you hear the angels in design heaven singing? By softening loud colours and contrasts, you might find these ethereal beings mistaking your home for theirs! Now it’s possible to add the cheerfulness of yellow and the calmness of blue without compromising the versatility or “blank canvas” quality of neutral colours.

100 New Neutrals Offer Elegance and Character

Stormy (pictured) is just one of 100 new neutral tones from PPG Pittsburgh Paints that will make the little style angel on your shoulder trill. This colour adds elegant barely there blue tones to your room while still allowing for a range of textures and accents to characterize the space.

So get swept away by Stormy, inhale Winter’s Breath and soak up Niagara Mist. Embrace the neutral palette and brush on those divine blue, yellow or even purple undertones. These demure hues can be as expressive as their bold counterparts. (Yes, I think I do hear the heavenly design choir celebrating up above.)

Inés de Sequera is a born and raised Vancouverite with a passion for the arts, travel and the environment. Majoring in art history at UBC, she also dances flamenco and blogs as Ana Patricia about the things that inspire her at Moi Je Joue.