These Home Design Trends Will Rule in 2023

Warm up your space with colour, texture and earthy ceramics this year

Warm up your space with colour, texture and earthy ceramics this year

1. Moodier and richer interiors and decormoody and rich interiorJanis Nicolay

Mix deep, bold hues with neutrals and natural materials, such as wood, a plaster wash or polished concrete. We see a shift from minimalism and more interest in texture, pattern and colour. You can always add personality with glazed tiles, terrazzo, paint and wallpaper. More accessible items that are less of a commitment can also add some mood to your home. They include area rugs, cushions, ceramics, artthe list goes on. Take a chance, experiment, and don’t be afraid of mixing in colours with depth.
Shown above right Blomus vase $45.99 Blomus Tray $33.99

2. SustainabilitySustainability interior designJanis Nicolay

The cycle of sustainability continues. This current design trend is becoming more and more commonplace. Consumers are informed and want healthier choices for their homes and familiesand this demand means the options are expanding. I always consider how, where, and by whom materials, furniture and homewares are produced, and enjoy supporting those making a difference. Look for small-batch and locally made items and artisans who upcycle, repurpose and reinvent. I love to adapt an antique into a cabinet or table design, or find investment pieces for our clients that will last a lifetime. 

3 Cozy nooks, corners and in-between spacesCozy nook designJanis Nicolay

I love having fun in small, cozy spaces; there is so much creativity that can be had. More of us are working from home and may need a corner for an office or studio. Take a small bathroom or the kids’ area and try out ideas or colours that wouldn’t work in a larger area. Include architectural detail, personal collections and memories. Consider highlighting a gorgeous chair with beautiful lighting or a plant for some added visual interest. Find a corner of your home and make it your own.
Chair $862 in Noir

4. CeramicsCeramics interior designJanis Nicolay

Ceramics add an element of earthiness and grounded-ness to your home. These shown above are by Carol Demers Pottery, a Vancouver artist whose ceramics are strongly influenced by daily hikes in the West Coast forests and time spent sitting on the rocks staring out at the ever-changing ocean.
From $20 to $150

5. Biophilic (Interior) DesignBiophilic Bedroom DesignJanis Nicolay

Bring nature indoors in unity with the built environment. There continues to be a movement towards healthier spaces, benefiting the humans who inhabit them. We know nature nurtures us, so it is important to try to incorporate nature into your home. There are architectural ways that nature can greatly enrich your space, including utilizing large windows with a great view, and foldable walls that open to outdoor living spaces.

An indoor ecosystem is another great way to incorporate nature and can include a plant wall, or a small kitchen garden with UV lights. A quicker fix could include plants, air, sunlight, natural materials, photographs of the outdoors, and even animals. Cut flowers always freshen up a space, or display something you picked up outside, maybe a beautiful shell or shapely stones. Conversely, in the warmer weather, take the indoors outopen your doors, put a table or comfy chair outside, and breathe.