Tips for Incorporating Colour into your Space

Trendsetting Canadian designer Amanda Forrest shares expert advice on how to use colour in your space

Seven expert ways to use colour in your home

Canadian designer Amanda Forrest, in partnership with New Westminster-based The FAT Paint Company, has just launched The Amanda Forrest Collection. We caught up with Forrest to get her top tips for incorporating colour into your space.

Go Bold

“When it comes to furniture, go bold to instantly update your tired antiques and give your beloved pieces a fabulous new life. Orangeapalooza, this bright orange from my collection (pictured above), is perfect to create a one-of-kind piece that’ll become a statement in your new design scheme.”

Wallpaper a small space

“Think about incorporating bold and brightly coloured wallpaper into unexpected areas of your home like ceilings, powder rooms, and inside closets. It’s this unexpected pop that will add personality and character to your space and instantly give your home that designer touch. Wallpapering these small areas is also a great way to get that high-end look without the expense of wallpapering an entire room.”

Pictured: Rifle Paper Co Peonies (Persimmon) wallpaper

Pick pink

“Considered by trend forecasters around the globe to be the hottest hue this year, designers look toward pink to inject new life into tired colour palettes. Whether it’s the pale pink of Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Rose Quartz, or the vibrant more saturated hue we have all come to love, pink has become the accent colour of choice for 2016.

“Those of you daring enough to give it a go, try Blushing Bombshell from my collection (pictured above). Think about contrasting this colour with blacks, deep navy, and camo greens to add a layer of sophistication to this tricky colour palette.”

Freshen up your accessories

“Updating your accessories seasonally is a great way to try out new trends without breaking the bank. By switching out something as simple as the throw pillows on your sofa, you can instantly transform the colour palate of the room. For spring, try out a mix of saturated hues and vibrant floral prints for a fun and inviting look that will carry you into summer.”


“Because they don’t quite make things like they used to, reupholster and refresh antique furniture. Give quality vintage seating a new life by playing around with fun fabric and paint combinations. It’s these unexpected and eclectic mixes that’ll set the tone for the rest of your room design.”

Big and rich

“Don’t be afraid to go bold with larger pieces of furnitureuse deep rich hues to add a layer of depth to any space. Embrace navy as the new neutral and go from nautical to super luxe by selecting the right shade that’ll add some contrast to an otherwise neutral colour palette.”

Get inspired by art

“Take your art game to new levels by adding a fun a new mural to your space. From traditional to avant-garde, what is readily available today to the consumer will surprise you. From chic black-and-white landscapes suitable for a more formal dining room to whimsical nature prints that will inspire your kid’s creativity, murals are a great way of incorporating inexpensive art with a large impact.”

Pictured: Voutsa Garden Chinoiserie Mural