Tools and Tricks for Painting Your Home

All the tools, tips and tricks you'll need to succesfully paint your place

Credit: Photo courtesy of General Paints

The hues in General Paints’ Organic Imitation Palette evoke peace and harmony

Ready to paint? 
Outfit your arsenal with the latest tools

Painter’s Toolbox

  • Get it cornered: Taping around windows and doors is finicky work but Painter’s Mate Green Quick Corners – triangular pre-cut stickers – make quick work of masking window and doorframe corners.
  • Go eco: SHUR-LINE brushes are made from recycled polyester and aluminum, with sustainable bamboo handles. Even the brush packaging is made from 100-per-cent recycled material, as are its collection of paint rollers.
  • Stay organized: The HANDy Paint Pail helps you keep your brush wet and in place with a magnetic holder, and prevents dripping by using the paint scraper. An adjustable strap attaches it to your belt to keep your hands free. Pick up a set of disposable liners to switch paint colours without washing the pail.

Paint the Ceiling 

“Think of the ceiling as your fifth wall,” suggests Dee Schlotter, brand manager of colour for PPG Pittsburgh Paints. For an enveloping feeling, paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls, suggests Schlotter, but if your walls are dark, go three shades lighter for the ceiling. To highlight that new chandelier or decorative crown moulding, select a light colour for the walls and a dark one for the ceiling.

Feeling adventurous? Try a bright colour in a flat paint on the ceiling, and then repeat that colour somewhere else in the space. 

Take the Colour Quiz

Need help narrowing down your options? The Color Sense Game from PPG Pittsburgh Paints is a fun online quiz that decodes your colour personality based on your five senses, interests and personal style. Answer questions like “Would you rather visit the Taj Mahal or go horseback riding at a ranch?” and “What adjectives would your friends use to describe you?” to be matched with one of nine Harmony Collection palettes.

Use Colour Blocking

Colour blocking can be a cost-effective and space-efficient option for creating accent areas and defining small spaces. “Paint a stripe about 18 inches high across a wall and hang a couple inexpensive prints on it,” suggests Sharon Grech, colour expert for Benjamin Moore. Or, if you don’t have a fancy mantel, colour block the wall above it and add a mirror or your own artwork to make it really stand out.

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