Transition Your Holiday Decor to Valentine’s Day

Keep the festive spirit alive by turning your red and white holiday decorations into an ode to February's lovefest

Credit: Vera Summers

Why wait until February 14 to feel festive again? Take your holiday decor from Christmas straight through to Valentine’s Day with these simple tips

Putting away holiday decor can leave you feeling a little empty in the face of bare walls and undecked halls.

To avoid the post-holiday blues, why not take a tip from your favourite shopping destinations and go directly from Christmas into Valentine’s Day?

Reserve your red, white and silver decorations and use any pearly garlands, bright tinsel and shimmery ornaments to transition into February and keep the holiday spirit alive all the way to Valentine’s Day!

Try these 5 tips to transform your holiday blues into Valentine’s reds.

Credit: Vera Summers

Warm up your entrance

A welcoming entrance is appropriate all year ’round, and there’s no colour better for a warm greeting than red. Swap out your poinsettias for a bouquet of roses, the candy canes for a bowl of red and white lollies, and add a few leftover gift boxes or bags to excite your guests with the promise of Valentine’s surprises.

Credit: Vera Summers

Dress up your mantel

One of the favourite holiday focal points is the mantel, so why not dress it up for Valentine’s Day too? Reuse holiday items like tinsel, candle holders and a few ornaments; throw in a feather boa and you’ve seamlessly gone from Christmas to Valentine’s Day!

Credit: Vera Summers

Just add candy

If you don’t already have boxes of assorted chocolates left over from the holiday season, take advantage of the tremendous January sales. Wash out your potpourri jar and place the assorted chocolates in with a few Valentine’s hearts for a subtle and delicious display.

Credit: Vera Summers

Create a red and white centrepiece

Dining room need a little love? Red ornaments in a large vase are a simple and striking centrepiece for a love-themed sideboard, and red and white napkins work just as well here as they do at a holiday table. Tie it all together with a heart motif.

Credit: Vera Summers

Love up your light

If you have a plain chandelier in your dining room, dress it up for the occasion! Drape on a pearl garland and add a few glass ornaments to take it from run-of-the-mill to romantic. A rose or two on a bobeche really says Valentine’s Day and creates a chandelier worthy of the romantic dinner that will take place beneath it.