Try Vancouver’s DIY Sewing Studio

Start making your own curtains and pillow cases, even if you don't have a sewing machine

Credit: TV Week

Vancouver seamstress Sheila Wong will help you become a sewing expert

Rent a sewing machine or take a class at Vancouver’s new sewing studio

Say you’d like some hot new table linens or pillow slips for your living space, but don’t have the coin to shell out for retail. Normally you’d consider a DIY project, but without a sewing machine and/or a good recollection of Grade 9 Home Economics, you might end up in a tangle of needle and thread.

Enter local seamstress and DIY-diva Sheila Wong and her nifty downtown Vancouver sewing studio. For less than a burger and beer you can get your rick-rack on at one of the professional machines and sew up a storm for an hour (or more).

Not sure what you’re doing? They’ve got sewing classes too.

Got fabric-loving friends? Host a sewing bee, silly.

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