Create That Luxe Hotel Room Feeling at Home

Transform your bedroom into a five-star sanctuary

These bedroom furnishings and accessories will make every day feel like a luxury getaway

The moment you first enter a hotel room almost feels like a dream – there’s the perfect lighting, fluffy bedding and dramatic drapes. The whole atmosphere is so relaxing and inviting that it’s tempting to just order room service and stay put.

If you’re looking to recreate this warm and inviting atmosphere at home, here are a few key items that will transform your bedroom into a five-star sanctuary.

Credit: West Elm

A Heavenly Headboard

Chances are the last luxury hotel room you stayed in had a dramatic, comfortable headboard. Perfect for reading, relaxing or catching up on Netflix, a gorgeous headboard adds an elegant focal point to any bedroom.

Grif tufted headboard, $400, West Elm

Credit: The Bay

Quality Bedding

Where do you spend the most time in your bedroom? In bed, of course. And quality sheets make a big difference when it comes to comfort. Look for bedding in Egyptian cotton (it’s considered the best in the world) and a thread count of at least 300 to get that high-end feel.

800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, $250, The Bay

Credit: Pottery Barn

Pillow Party

What else makes a hotel bed so inviting? The mountain of pillows, of course. There is no magical number for how many pillows one should have on their bed, but  most hotel rooms have five: two standards, two euros and an accent pillow to tie them all together.

Terri Trellis shams, from $55, Pottery Barn

Light It Up

Create a relaxing mood with soft lighting. Sconces are not only beautiful, but also completely functional for bedtime reading. Swapping out your table lamp for a sconce also opens up space on your bedside table.

Sconce, $29, Urban Outfitters

Credit: IKEA

Simple Surfaces

Another piece of furniture that is a staple in hotel rooms is a console. Consoles give you additional surface space and can be transformed into a vanity or even a small desk with the addition of a chair. 

Dressing Table, $129, IKEA


Almost every hotel room features a chair to lounge in. Chairs offer the comfort of a couch without sacrificing space.

Luxe wing chair, $1928.09, Crate and Barrel

Dramatic Drapes

Floor-to-ceiling drapery is a key element in creating a hotel haven at home. If you’re craving a luxe boutique hotel feel, darker fabrics are the way to go. For those who want to feel like they’re waking up in a beachfront hotel, lighter and thinner fabrics will let the sun shine through. 

Moorish tile curtain, $44.95 per panel, Pier 1 Imports

Credit: West Elm

Goodbye Bare Walls

Whether you go bold or subtle, add some colour and style to your bedroom with wall art. This is the perfect final touch to turn an average bedroom into a hotel-inspired retreat.

Birch Print, $205, West Elm