New and Vintage Garden Decor Pieces

For the best of both worlds, explore home decor stores for garden accent pieces that will give your yard a charmingly rustic look

Credit: Christina Symons

Vintage bird ornament

From patio wares to artwork, here are a few items that will give a timeless look to your home

Explore home decor stores for new and vintage pieces to create a unique and memorable garden

As gardeners, we often head to nurseries looking for inspiration, but vintage and home decor shops can also yield oodles of fresh and exciting garden accents.

We found all of these wonderful garden accoutrements at The Swallow’s Nest Inspired Living boutique on the Sunshine Coast.

Tucked in among the beguiling collection of furniture, patio wares and artwork were a ton of lovely new garden jewels, including the sweet antiqued white iron birds above, complete with a wire stake to settle them gently into pots.

Our list of recent garden treasures also included:

  • Rustic painted metal maple sugaring buckets (perfect as patio pots or to house hand tools in the potting shed)
  • An old watering can from France
  • Vintage French iron gate pot holders (for inside or out)
  • A pretty little piece of birdie artwork for the garden library
  • Flower embellished bags for trips to the nursery or farmers’ market

So whenever you are browsing vintage or decor shops, remember to look for items that fit in the garden. You might be surprised at what you find.