What’s Hot in Home Decor – Animal Print, Branch Lamps, Flashy Backsplashes and More

From animal print walls to branch-like lighting, this season's hot home decor items are inspired by nature

Credit: Courtesy Propeller Design

The Mycologic Light is crafted from solid walnut and lit by LED lights

A look at what’s hot in home decor this season


The Mycologic Light by Propeller Design

The creative geniuses at Propeller Design have once again turned their fascination with nature into a new creation: the Mycologic Light. Crafted from solid walnut and lit by LED lights, the overhead light emulates the underground branch-like mycelial networks that spawn mushrooms.

Motivo Crocodile Textured Surfaces

Don’t worry: although reptile skin was the inspiration for Motivo Crocodile, the textured surface is actually made of CaesarStone quartz. The exotic look is durable and suitable for a range of applications. Picture this tactile surface as the top of a sexy bar, or a wall that drips (especially in the shower) with drama. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Cool Candles

  • Kitchen candles: Cooking up a feast can sometimes cause lingering odours, but Voluspa has come up with a scent sol-
ution, in collaboration with celebrated chef, James Boyce. These “kitchen candles” are designed to remove nasty smells and replace them with refreshing gourmet-inspired fragrances. Our pick: California Citrus (above, left), infused with the juicy aromas of organic California Meyer lemon and satsuma tangerine. $32, Casbah Day Spa 

  • Soy candles: These soy candles by Pacifica are clean-burning, and sport lead-free cotton wicks. One of the newest blends is Lotus Garden; other note-worthy scents include Tuscan Blood Orange and Waikiki Pikake (above, right). 5.5 oz soy candle, $19, Whole Foods

Tap Water

Canada has some of the best-quality drinking water in the world – why not show some pride in it? With “tap water” boldly emblazoned in white print on the clear glass bottle, the tap water bottle offers a chic throwback design in two sizes (250 ml and 500 ml) and a tightly sealing flip cap. Take care: glass isn’t unbreakable – but it is of the most durable quality, it won’t leach into your drinking water and it’s ever-so-conveniently dishwasher-safe. Available at Areaworx Lighting & Design.

Flashy Backsplash

Bring your backsplash front and centre with the rich, liquid colours of Icestix glass mosaic tiles. Glossy, matte and iridescent tiles combine to create 12 complex colourways, including darkly dramatic Crevice and tone-on-tone Freeze.

Individual ½-by-two-inch or ½-by-four-inch tiles come pre-mounted in three different patterns on 12-by-12-inch mesh sheets for easy installation. Frost-proof, impervious to water and easy to clean, they’re a long-lasting design choice. Plus, you can feel extra good about your eco-friendly purchase: Icestix tiles are manufactured locally by Interstyle Ceramics & Glass from recycled glass that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. 

Felt UnderCollar

What’s soft, durable and back in fashion? That would be felt, the oldest textile known to man, and it’s making a modern comeback. At the head of the trend are UnderCollar pillows, products that came as a result of collaboration between Boston-based designers Kelly Smith of Etcetera Goods and Jennifer Hill of JHill Design.

The eye-catching throws are made from a gorgeous collection of French-made reclaimed felt originally intended for the under-collar lining of tailor suit jackets (hence the name). Each of the three designs – Andalucia, Kiev and Champagne – is a laser-cut pattern based on Hill’s imaginative and light-hearted “Places I’ve Never Been” series, and is available in two sizes and four colourways.

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