What’s Hot in Home Decor – Stools

From tall and shapely to short and squat, there are stools to fit any space - and any seat

Credit: Flickr/8lettersuk

Stools can add both colour and texture to your decor

Compact, versatile and eco-aware: the latest stools inject a shot of smart style into any space

1. Moroccan Poof

Embrace the exotic with an eye-catching pouf imported from Morocco. Available in four sizes, with colours ranging from sophisticated olive to look-at-me metallic, this stylish seat adds global accents to condos, homes and Bedouin tents alike (From $395, The Cross).

2. Upcycle Ottoman

Advertise your eco-savvy with this Upcycle ottoman from Gus Designs. Each is crafted from repurposed coffee bags and features logos and markings identifying the original product. How’s that for fair trade? ($495, Onlyhuman)

3. Meduse Stools

Inspired by the jellyfish’s sleek anatomy, these streamlined Meduse stools by Casamania are diminutive yet statement-making. The tops are upholstered with fabric, making these cushy seats or foot rests (From $560, Livingspace)

4. Herman Miller Eames Stools

The curvy, pawn-like silhouette of Herman Miller’s Eames walnut stools add earthy elegance to even the smallest living space ($879 ea., Gabriel Ross)

5. Zuo Modern Stool

Who says fun can’t be functional? This stool from Zuo Modern takes its inspiration from nature, resembling a perfectly sculpted drop of dew. Available in four glossy shades, the pixie-sized piece adds instant flair to any space ($179 ea., Bayside Furniture)

6. Vitra’s Cork Stools

Get back to basics with these playful stools from Vitra’s Cork Family line, designed by Jasper Morrison. The material

incorporates lightness, durability and a soft texture; be prepared for double takes ($370, Inform Interiors)

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