What’s Hot in Home Decor: Striped Vases, Elephant Chairs and Handmade Cutting Boards

The hottest items for your home include vintage-inspired ceramic vases, handcrafted cutting boards and elegant outdoor chairs

Striped ceramic vases in a rainbow of colours are the perfect accent for any home

A look at what’s hot in home decor this season


Brighten Your Home with Dahlhaus Vases

Anyone who has ever sat at a potter’s wheel and tried her hand at coaxing a lump of clay into any shape – much less a narrow-necked vessel – is sure to appreciate the artistic ability needed to make these sweet striped vases. The shape, says ceramist and painter Heather Braun-Dahl, was inspired by vintage bottles. Each piece is handcrafted and slip-cast by Braun-Dahl, artist and owner of Dahlhaus, who also makes her own glazes. 

Slip a few flowers or perhaps a sculptural willow branch into each seven-inch vase. How to choose from the au courant orange and grey tones, or the shades of sun, sky and sea? Pick up a trio to line-up on a ledge, group on a table or simply scatter throughout your home. $40 ea., Room 6

Keep a Journal

Are you a budding chef, fashionista, or at-heart bohemian? Scandinavian notebook designer Archie Grand believed writing accoutrements should say something about their owners. This philosophy inspired his quirky collection of self-proclaiming notebooks. Each book features a sturdy cover, thread-sewn bindings and matte lamination, and is compact enough to fit comfortably into purse or pocket. Themes range from glamorous (“Designers I Met and Liked”) to cheeky (“Wives I Had and Liked”).

These notebooks make great gifts; or treat yourself and splash each blank page with your own personality: Make a wish list, create a collage, or take it literally and keep a log of your favourite fill-in-the-blank. $14.95, Room 6

Take a Seat in an Elephant Chair

Bring home the elegance of one of the world’s most majestic animals, with the latest find from Italian furniture maker Kristalia. Modelled after the commanding grace of its pachyderm namesake, the Elephant chair is the product of thorough research and purposeful design. Manufacturers at Neuland Industriedesign examined more than 2,500 chairs currently on the market to fashion the indoor-outdoor seat, which combines esthetics, comfort and versatility. Steel piping provides a firm backbone that flows seamlessly into a wide seating pod and sturdy armrests, ending in a four-leg or slide base.

Available colours include nice and netural black and beige, earthy terra cotta and olive tones that perfectly accent porches, and the chameleon-like moulded polyurethane, whose hue changes according to the surrounding environment. This chair is the next best thing to going on safari. From $495, Inform Interiors

Design Your Own Home Accent Pieces

Add some retro chic to your decor with Clarke & Clarke’s latest fabric line: Bolero. Designs are inspired by bold ’70s graphics, creating a collection of five co-ordinated prints in colourways like Aqua, Citrus and Heather.

The chenille jacquard fabric balances matte with shine, with a plush finish that makes Bolero prints ideal for drapes, throws or cushions. From $118/yard, Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics (trade only)

Get a Decorative Yet Functional Cutting Board

When he was a young boy living in a northern Alberta commune, Geoffrey Lilge watched his artisan mother fashion a simple yet elegant cutting board from a single piece of wood. Today, Lilge still has the board that inspired him to craft his own line of FSC-certified cutting and charcuterie slabs.

Available in maple and solid walnut, the boards are hand-finished with natural oil and beeswax, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From $156, Provide

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