Why Home Design Was a Highlight of Lockdown

Over the last 18 months, we've taken the comforts of home to new levels

Over the last 18 months, we’ve taken the comforts of home to new levels

Lockdowns, stay-at-home orders and social distancing (or all of the above!) have not been the highlights of anyone’s year but has there at least been a bright side to our recent collective experience? We think so. More than half of Canadians hurried to renovate their homes in 2020, with 29 percent of them looking to enhance their lifestyle. With increased time spent indoors, many started to realize the importance of having a home that feels calming, personalized and functional.

Interior designer and owner of Belle Construction, Kendall Ansell, has been advocating for the value of home design and creating welcoming, peaceful homes for her clients to achieve this. She’s now sharing just why home renovations were most definitely a highlight in our lockdown experience and why home design can bring so much value.

Why home design was a spot of light

The skyrocketing number of renos during lockdown is a reflection of how people began to understand shifting priorities and realize the value in investing in themselves and their spaces. From creating outdoor/indoor living spaces, removing that extra wall or changing out old paint colours, more Canadians realized how much their environment can affect the way they feel on a day-to-day basis.

Not only were people inspired to revamp daily living spaces, but these endeavours also provided welcomed distractions during incredibly difficult times. By creating dream spaces or homes that are more functional for various lifestyles, we were able to cope through uneasy patches of time.

Ways home design can bring value

Lighting and colour tones in a room can really influence how we feel. By finding ways to welcome more light or maximize existing light, renovations can really make all the difference to mood and feeling. Similar to lighting, finding colour tones that you truly lovenot necessarily just what is trendy—is definitely key to completely personalizing a home.

Another way that home renovations and design bring value is in finding ways to reconfigure spaces to be most purposeful. Whether you need a better functioning stay-at-home office or more space for your kids to move through your primary living spaces, a renovation should focus on maximizing your space to fit your unique lifestyle. When living in a home that doesn’t fit your family’s needs, it can greatly impact how you feel from day to day.

Home design is an incredible way to feel like your life is your own, creating living spaces that bring you peace. It is such a valuable tool to be able to transform your home into somewhere you’re truly excited to be. Lockdowns are easing, but the value of creating a space you love is a highlight that you can enjoy for the long term.