Button Button

A whimsical store filled with a million-plus buttons from around the world.

Credit: Andrea Tucker

Housing over a million buttons, Vancouver’s Button Button has been the place for all things button for the past 14 years

Next on our Crafty Shop Stop series on where to buy crafty things around Vancouver is Button Button, a place to find all types of buttons including metal, horn, porcelain and shell. We asked button expert and owner Colleen Miller the same three questions we always ask!


DIY Vancouver: Describe your shop.

Colleen Miller: Button Button is a small downtown shop packed with buttons from all corners of the world. The buttons range from cheap to pricey, conservative to crazy, tiny to huge, vintage and new.


Button Button

318 Homer St, Vancouver



What can we find in your shop?

Just buttons.


What are your three favourite handmade items in your shop?

This changes every week, but today I am loving the new large buttons made from (and smelling of!) cinnamon. A local guy (Chris Montgomery) makes itsy tiny buttons out of slices of tiny little twigs that are absolutely amazing. I always love the recycled glass made in East Africa from Nivea Crème jars and Guinness beer bottles. They are so charming in their lack of order—even the holes are not always in the middle!

I also have a box of vintage homemade buttons that went badly awry. This is my “Please don’t try this at home” collection.