Collage Collage

One part school, one part book shop, one part art studio.

Credit: Emily Haggar & Lauren Teterault

Vancouver’s Collage Collage offers kids and adults alike a chance to roll up their sleeves and get arty

Kicking off our Crafty Shop Stop series on where to buy crafty things is Collage Collage, an art-based shop featuring supplies, handmade goods, and workshops and birthday parties for children ages 3 to 12.

We asked local artist, teacher and owner Erin Boniferro three questions to tell us a little about what Collage Collage is all about.

DIY Vancouver: Describe your shop.

Erin Bonniferro: Collage Collage is a place to come in and explore the arts. It’s one part school, one part book shop, and one part studio. I wanted this place to be welcoming, inspiring and full of treasures.

Collage Collage

621 Kingsway (Fraser & E 15th Ave), Vancouver


There’s a giant table in the middle of the store, and it’s truly the heart of the shop. You can come in and draw, read a book, get inspired, take a class or take in the work of the featured artist each month.

The wall of art supplies is there to inspire, and you can pick exactly what you’d like to take home and make something great. Beautiful books, handmade items, toys and jewellery round out the inventory—all chosen for this place where you’re encouraged to shop, look and learn.

What can we find in your shop?

Art supplies, children’s books, artist books, magazines, concept books, handmade toys, paper goods, felt, limited edition poster prints, CDs, colouring books for adults and children, mobiles, jewellery, original art work.

What are your 3 favourite handmade items in your shop?

Just three? It’s hard to choose.

1. Les Amis de Montagne‘s sasquatch dolls are equally adorable and awesome, and made by local gal Maya Credico. They each come with their own sleeping bag, and they’re popular with adults and kids alike.

2. Kitty Love crayons from Ben and Sara of Portland are pretty rad too; these egg-shaped crayons look like little kittens, have eight times the life span of a regular crayon and are wonderful for little hands just learning to make marks.

3. Perro Verlag just released a new title with Rebecca Dolen, and I love it. It looks like Rebecca’s notebook, it’s even got the rounded edges and black cover. It’s more for adults, and I love a good glimpse into Rebecca’s creative process.