Create a 3D Display of Your Memories Using a Shadow Box

Here's a classy way to showcase souvenirs from life's important milestones in an eye-catching display

Credit: Vera Summers

Here’s a better way to keep your precious mementos in the spotlight without cluttering your shelves

If you tend to keep objects that hold memories of a special person, place, or moment, there’s a good chance those mementos will end up boxed away out of sight or stuffed onto an overcrowded shelf. There’s only so much stuff you can accumulate!

Shadow boxes are a great way to give those precious items the spotlight they deserve, all the while protecting them from dust.

The following tips will help you create a dynamic personal display that can be changed as often as desired.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 1: Choose items for display

The key to any great display is editing – the less cluttered it is, the more importance each item will hold. Not sure where to start? Choose items by theme and colour palette.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 2: Juxtapose colours and shapes

Create an interesting display with items of different scale and texture. A few amber pieces look more interesting next to woven spillers than next to something similar like pebbles.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 3: Rotate displays

If you have a lot of items you want to display, buying 10 shadow boxes will just defeat the purpose. Commit to creating a new display a few times a year; that way you can reminisce while creating each new collection, and really enjoy each display while it’s out!

Create a 3D Display of Your Memories