DIY bleach alternatives

A couple of DIY recipes for a bleach alternative.

Credit: billaday

Make your own bleach alternative and use just as you would the ‘real’ stuff

There are some DIY alternatives for keeping clothing and linens white, including various concoctions of baking soda, liquid soap, lemon juice, Borax and white vinegar.

Here are a couple recipes adapted from

Borax bleach alternative:

•  1/2 cup Borax

•  2 gallons of hot water

Mix Borax with hot water and let stand for at least five minutes. Then, use as you would bleach.

Hydrogen peroxide bleach alternative:

Hydrogen Peroxide (3 percent—anything stronger would be too harsh for most materials).

Spot clean with hydrogen peroxide. Let dry. Repeat if necessary.

Don’t want to make your own? Check out this bleach alternative!