DIY Projects with Mason Jars

Transform your empty Mason jars into creative home decor pieces

Mason jars shouldn’t be relegated to the back of your Lazy Susan. These versatile containers can be used in a number of fun and decorative ways

If you haven’t caught onto the Mason jar craze, it’s not too late. You can use Mason jars in many ways around and outside the house – as vases, lights, wedding centerpieces and, of course, canning. Whether it’s something simple or a bit more advanced, there’s a DIY Mason jar project for you.

Spice Up Your Mason Jar with Colour

It’s amazing what a little bit of colour can do. We suggest metallic spray paint as it’s easy to use and covers the glass jar flawlessly. Transform your Mason jar into a beautiful vase in one easy step.

Play Hostess

Add a little style to your dinner party with these gold spray-painted utensil holders. If playing host isn’t your thing, just use the jars around your home to store other items, from cooking utensils to pens.

Create Simple Centrepieces

Another easy DIY project is to create a Mason jar floating candleholder. Sounds impressive, right?

Fill 3/4 of the jar with water and place a floating candle inside. Place clear or coloured marbles at the bottom of the jar for an extra special touch. You can also go rustic by tying straw neatly around the jar.

Get Your Heart On

Try adding designs to your Mason jars. Tape a heart stencil (or any other shape you like) onto the jar before you spray paint it, and voilà, you’ve got a DIY lantern when you add a candle. See the easy tutorial at Heart Love Weddings.

Credit: Tres Sugar

Have a Glass

Who knew you could transform Mason jars into fancy wine (or whatever drink you prefer) glasses? All you need is a candle stick holder with a flat top, some industrial strength super glue, and a Mason jar. The beautiful ones featured above were actually used for a western-themed wedding.

Light Up Your Backyard

Swap those string lights in your backyard with Mason jar lights. Whether the jars are clear or coloured, these are perfect for patio get-togethers and BBQs. Simply Bold Blog has the full tutorial – all you need is wire, ferrules, a hammer, nails and stops.

Credit: Net of Bliss

Cheap and Chic Chandeliers

For those who are looking for a more advanced Mason jar DIY, this chic chandelier is for you. Some Mason jar chandeliers can go for up to $400 in stores, but you can make your own for around $150. For lighting the kitchen island or summer cabin, this beautiful hanging light will impress everyone. The full instructions are available at Net of Bliss.