DIY Succulent Holiday Centrepiece

Interior designer Tamara Wouters shares how to create a stunning succulent centrepeice in six easy steps

Credit: Kim Christie

Create some theatre with interior designer Tamara Wouters’ succulent showpiece that looks fresh, but is actually made with high-quality faux-plant picks

Step 1

Choose a shallow vessel and line the bottom with foam bricks, which you can purchase from a florist or craft store; cut to fit snugly inside the vessel.

*Vancouver’s Chintz & Co. has a great selection of faux succulents, says designer Tamara Wouters. The lime-green bulbs are a seasonal accent that can easily be removed after the holidays, so the centrepiece has year-round staying power.

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Credit: Kim Christie

Step 2

Place faux-succulent plant picks into the foam, starting from the centre and working your way outwards.

Credit: Kim Christie

Step 3

Continue adding succulents, alternating various colours, sizes and textures of plants to create visual interest.

Credit: Kim Christie

Step 4

Choose a combination of matte and shiny ornaments (these will reflect light) in colours that coordinate with the overall.

Credit: Kim Christie

Step 5

Secure the bulbs to the foam or succulents with wire hooks. Tuck a few ornaments among the greenery without overwhelming the succulents.

Credit: Kim Christie

Step 6

View the vessel from all sides to make sure the foam is completely covered; make adjustments if needed. Mission accomplished!