Handcrafted Brooms Make a Clean Sweep

Overhaul your sweeping tools with a sustainable old-school broom

Granville Island Broom Company’s brooms are beautiful and built to last

Start the New Year with a handcrafted broom

Ready to enter the New Year neat and tidy on the home front? Don’t fly off the handle at the thought — perhaps you just need the right tool?

A visit to Granville Island Broom Company is sure to coax out your cheerful inner housekeeper. The creative Vancouver-based team makes handcrafted brooms from sustainable materials in a variety of shapes and sizes for almost any application.

A Variety of Brooms

Choose from Shaker-style or round, full-size brooms, car whisks and even veggie scrubbers.

Our favourite? The classic Cobwebber for ceiling corners. The brooms are beautiful, functional and built to last — plus folklore says that brooms are symbols of good luck, thought to sweep away evil and bad fortune, adding harmony to the home front. Bring it on!

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