Simple and Creative Holiday Present Wrapping Tips

Dazzle your friends and family with wrapping that stands out

Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Looking to make your gifts stand out under the tree? Amp up your wrapping game with these simple tips

Nothing looks better than perfectly wrapped gifts under a tree. Make your presents stand out from the crowd with these fun and crafty DIY ideas

Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Create Custom Wrapping Paper

Use craft paper (found at dollar or craft stores) to make your own personalized wrap. Pre-cut your paper, repeat your message and watch your unique pattern take form. To prevent hand cramps, this type of wrapping is better suited for smaller gifts.

Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Use Decorative Tape in Place of Ribbon

Japanese washi tape has become quite popular among crafters in recent years and for good reason. Not only is this tape pretty, it is simple to use and comes off easily without residue. Replace your ribbon with a run of this decorative tape for a lovely look. Find washi tape here in Vancouver at Urban Source and Delish General Store.

Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Look to Nature

You may be surprised what wrapping accents you can find from taking a quick walk around the block. Pictured are berries, rosemary and acorns (spray painted white). Leaves, twigs and dried flowers also make lovely finishing touches.

Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Mix Materials

Why stop at paper? Mix and match fabric, silk, twine, lace and whatever else you can think of! If you are giving kitchen essentials, consider wrapping them in a tea towel. Out of bows? Use an ornament instead, which your gift recipient can re-use to decorate their tree.

Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Remember the Gift Tag

What is better than a perfectly packaged gift? A perfectly packaged gift with your name on it. There is something special about a gift picked out just for you, so don’t skip this personal detail. Add sparkle to your gift tags with glitter or simply use a metallic pen.

Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Pinch the Edges and Fold the Ends

To make your wrap job look extra crisp, fold over the ends of the paper that might not have been cut perfectly straight. Running your fingers along and pinching the edges will further sharpen the look of your package.

Credit: Kathleen Almeida

Pre-cut the Tape

Before you get started, pre-cut the tape you anticipate you’ll need. This is the simplest of tricks, but it will save time and you will never be caught attempting to cut tape with your teeth and elbows again.