Holiday wreath-making season at UBC Botanical Garden

Enjoy your very own unique holiday wreath.

Enjoy your very own unique holiday wreath

It’s that time of year again! Wreaths symbolize “everlastingness”—the one on your front door is an icon of welcome, and a celebration of a joyful spirit.

Excitement is building as holiday season is just around the corner and the Friends of the Garden are getting ready to roll.

They’re flexing their wreath-making muscles (and probably starting a lot of yummy baking soon as well) in preparation for this annual labour of love—volunteers spending umpteen hours fashioning one-of-a kind wreaths to be sold at the Shop in the Garden.

Much of the greenery comes from the garden, and the recent wind storm (the garden had to be closed due to high winds last week) has created an unexpected bounty of downed evergreen branches, berries and other assorted flora!

If properly taken care of, the wreaths will last into February; along with wreaths, there are swags, evergreen baskets, and mini-trees, with all proceeds going to the Botanical Garden.

Shop early this year—the wreaths have always sold out in the past, leaving latecomers disappointed! They’ll be available November 23 – Dec 4 while stocks last.

The UBC Shop in the Garden is located at 6804 SW Marine Drive, near West 16th Avenue. Call (604) 822-4529 for further information.