How to Make a Kids’ Bedroom Wall Clock

Add personal style to your child's bedroom with this fun, easy-to-make wall clock 

Credit: Vera Summers

Help your children learn to tell time with this creative DIY wall clock project

Lightweight ceiling medallions are the perfect canvas for creating a personalized clock, and a great way to add a touch of your child’s personality to their room.

Follow these instructions to create a one-of-a-kind clock your child will love!

Credit: Vera Summers


Ceiling medallion. Available in most hardware stores in a variety of sizes. Choose one with border details that work best in the room; a 12″ round medallion will make a standard size clock.

Clock mechanism. Instead of buying a costly clock mechanism from a craft store, save money by purchasing a clock that is easy to disassemble from a dollar store.

Colours. Choose acrylic paint and/or markers that accent the room’s décor.

Embellishments. Use stickers and patterned paper. Check the scrapbook sections of your local craft and dollar stores for a great variety of papers and stickers.

Tools. You’ll need a small cross-tip screwdriver, small paintbrushes and palette, tape measure or ruler, drawing compass, scissors, glue stick, hot glue gun, saw-tooth hook and two small nails, and a hammer.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 1

First disassemble your clock. This is easily done with the help of a small cross-tip screwdriver. Remove the clock arms from the front, and pop out the mechanism from the back.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 2

Carefully paint the details. For an even coat, avoid adding water to your paint or brush. The medallion’s smooth surface allows you to easily wipe off unwanted paint.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 3

Using markers may be easier and less messy for kids, but marker won’t wipe off like paint, so any marks are permanent. Once the paint has dried, your child can choose their favourite stickers to mark the hours on the clock.

Step 4

Pick out a decorative paper for the clock face.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 5

To avoid ruining the mechanism, add the hook to the back before you attach the clock face. Find the centre point 1-2 inches from the top and mark it with a pencil. Hammer the hook in place with a slight angle downward.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 6

Measure the inset diameter with a tape measure or ruler. Set your compass to the radius length and draw a circle on the back of your decorative paper and a piece of card stock or poster board. Cut out your circles.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 7

Glue the two circles together and poke a hole through the centre the size of the nose on the clock mechanism.

Step 8

Hot glue four points on the face of your mechanism and carefully attach it to the cardstock, placing the nose in the hole.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 9

Attach the clock arms back in place.

Step 10

Hot glue the circumference of the medallion inset and adhere the clock face to the front.

Step 11

Attach a couple of double-sided sticky squares to the bottom of the clock for extra stability on the wall.

Credit: Vera Summers

Step 12

Your clock is complete and ready to be mounted on the wall. Time to tell time!