How to Make Your Own Bunting

Use patterned bits of fabric and paper to spruce up your home or garden

Credit: Flickr / the green gables

String up some colourful bunting for your next garden party

Brighten your home with handmade bunting

Bunting – colourful flags strung up on a line – is a festive way to decorate your house and garden for the summer time.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your own.

Make Your Own Bunting

  1. Gather fabric. Take odds and ends of different patterned paper or fabric. Try to select complementary colours or patterns. You can also stick with one colour or pattern if you want to.
  2. Cut into pieces. Cut into evenly sized diamond shapes using a paper template. (Hint: It’s easier to do this if you fold the paper or fabric in half).
  3. String up the cutouts. Take a strip of twine or cord as long as you need your bunting to be. Place the diamonds underneath the twine so that it runs along the folds in the centre. Take care that you don’t place two of the same pattern side by side if you’re doing a mix of prints. Take care to leave a length of twine at each end for tying it up when you’re finished.
  4. Glue together. With even spacing in between (around 1 foot), use fabric or standard glue to stick each side of the diamonds together to create double-faced patterned triangles. Let dry.
  5. Hang bunting. Pin to a flat wall or hang between trees for a pretty, summer fete look.