Create a DIY Lampshade in 15 Minutes

Here's a quick and affordable DIY project to revamp a lamp

Credit: Janis Nicolay

Revamp a lamp for just $5

Over the years, I have created a few lampshades with ribbon and have always loved the result.

This vintage lamp needed a shade, so I grabbled a roll of wide nylon ribbon and some thread. The whole thing cost me $5 and took about 15 minutes.

Materials: One 10-yard roll of purple nylon ribbon and matching thread

Credit: Janis Nicolay


Attach the ribbon to the frame with a few small stitches.

Credit: Janis Nicolay

Create the Shade

Wrap the ribbon around the shade keeping it tight.

Credit: Janis Nicolay

Revamped Lamp

Voilà. You are finished. You could use two rolls of ribbon, but I prefer the shade semi-transparent.