Make a Holiday Wreath

What You Need:size=”4″>

Metal or plastic wreath ring, wreath wrap and florist string (not cheap, but doesn’t slip) – all available from florist shops; plant material cut into 15- to 20-cm (6- to 8-in.) stems; gloves if you’re working with holly.

Wind the wreath wrap

Putting it Together:size=”4″>

1. size=”3″>Wind the wreath wrap (you could also use green garbage bags, cut in strips) loosely, allowing wrap to sink into groove. You are creating a container for the wet moss, so make sure the edges overlap.

Make bundles of greenery

2. size=”3″> Make bundles of greenery. Hold the bundle firmly, two-thirds of the way down, NOT at the bottom. Wrap the stem end of the bundle in a good-sized clump of very wet moss.

Place the moss-wrapped bundle

3. size=”3″> Place the moss-wrapped bundle into the groove, tying it with florist string. Alternate the bundles in a herringbone pattern, kitty-corner to one another. Press them in firmly, almost bending in the middle. This creates fullness.

Lift the wreath to test

4.size=”3″> After you’ve tied on a number of bundles, lift the wreath vertically to mimic placement on a door. If the greenery flops forward your bundles are probably too long.

Continue to alternate greenery bundles

5. size=”3″> Continue to alternate bundles, tying them in firmly.

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