Make a Simple Christmas Centrepiece in 60 Seconds

Why spend hours decorating your table when a few simple embellishments can make a perfect centrepiece

Snip a few branches from your tree and arrange in glasses for a quick Christmas centrepiece

There’s no need to spend hours decorating your table. A few simple embellishments can make a perfect centrepiece

Turkey: check. Wine: check. Dessert: check.

Flowers for the table? Doh! Whether you’re down to the wire or just want to impress, consider one of these three festive centrepieces you can make for your holiday table in a minute or less.

1. Grab an odd number of glass hurricane lamps (or mason jars). Fill with key limes, lemons or crab apples. Embellish with laurel hedge leaves from the garden, or a few cranberries or whole nuts. Done!

2. Collect one large branch, preferably with moss or lichen attached to it. Place lengthwise on the table, surrounded by votive candles. Nice! 

3. Snip five stems from the Christmas tree or wreath. Arrange in a line of water glasses. Simple and chic.

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