Recycle Old Skates into Holiday Decor

Time to take those dusty old skates out of the basement.

Credit: GardenWise

Bring out those old skates and gather up some garden greenery for a fun and funky holiday door decoration

Who doesn’t have a pair of old skates lying around the basement gathering dust!? Put those babies back into use as charming holiday décor for your door. Embellish your skates with holly and other holiday greens from the garden, some fancy ribbon and a candy cane or two. You may also use bells, seed pods, holiday ornaments, mini gourds or small tree fruits.

TIP: Vintage second-hand skates are also readily available at thrift stores.



Step one

Clean the skates and replace the laces with heavy-duty or double-ply garden twine.



Step two

Find two small jars that will fit inside the skates. This will keep your greens in place and can also hold water (optional) to keep them fresh.



Step three

Select an assortment of greens from the garden (holly, cedar, salal, etc.) and tie into two neat bundles. Place them in the jars and trim the ends until you have a pleasing display.



Step four

Decorate your skate swag with more ribbon, pine cones, and ornaments and then hang it in place on your front door or potting shed.