The Regional Assembly of Text

Stationery/gift shop with a reading room for handmade books and zines.

Credit: Heidi Zutter

The Regional Assembly of Text on Main Street is a little stationery and gift shop with a 9 x 3 ft storage closet turned reading room

Last July, I brought Faythe Levine, director of Handmade Nation, to check out our next stop on the Crafty Shop tour. The Regional Assembly of Text is filled with the most delightful stationery, chalkboards, fabric letters and buttons, all handmade in the back of the shop. Opened in the fall of 2005, the store is a creative collaboration between Rebecca Dolen and Brandy Fedoruk, both graduates from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.


DIY Vancouver: Describe your shop.

Rebecca Dolen and Brandy Fedoruk: The Regional Assembly of Text is a little stationery and gift store located on Main Street at East 23rd Avenue.

Regional Assembly of Text

3934 Main St (at 23rd Ave), Vancouver


Our store features lovely creations, designed and built by us, as well as a selection of other carefully chosen products. We also have a little reading room called ‘the lowercase,’ which houses our dear collection of handmade books and zines. And, once a month we host a Letter Writing Club, which meets to do nothing more than write heartfelt letters to our loved ones.

Regional Assembly of Text reading room Vancouver

Check out handmade books and zines in

the reading room in the back of the shop.


What can we find in your shop?

In our store you will find greeting cards, journals and notebooks, rubber stamps, t-shirts, postcards, buttons and other treasures.


What are your 3 favourite handmade items in your shop?

Right now, we are big fans of our new screen-printed castle themed wrapping paper, our Vancouver t-shirts and our array of clever button cards.