Top Tools for DIY Home Repair

Here's what you'll need to be Mr. or Ms. Fix-it

Credit: BC Home magazine

BC Home magazine

Add these tools to your home repair arsenal

Quick home repairs and mini-makeovers can be done in a snap, with these must-have, do-it-yourself items

1. Screwdriver
Top tools for do it yourself home repairsThis multi-bit ratchet screwdriver features an oval-shaped grip, magnetic extension, and 10 different bits that also fit into a power drill, perfect for everyday use.
$18.95, Tomboy Tools

2. Hammer
Featuring standout stripes, this 12-inch, 12-oz hammer by Alice Supply features an easy-grip wooden handle. This toolbox staple even comes with a box of 20 multicoloured nails.
$27.99, Homewerx

3. Staple Gun
This multi-purpose staple-and-nail gun features 10 amps of power and a jam-proof mechanism, making it a must-have for quick repair jobs.
$49.99, Home Depot

4. Level
The Johnson Cross Line Laser is the perfect tool for hanging photos around the house. Featuring self-levelling, coloured lines, a locking mechanism and magnetic mount, getting things straight has never been easier.
$149.00, Home Depot

5. Power Drill
Mastercraft’s portable power drill boasts a high-performance motor that weighs just three pounds.
$69.99, Canadian Tire 

6. Hacksaw
The all-purpose mini hacksaw features a rubber grip, six-way cutting angles and an easy-use ergonomic design.
$16.95, Tomboy Tools

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