Upgrade Your Cutting Boards

A stylish cutting board will surely inspire you to spend more time chopping delicious foods

Use a wooden cutting board for everything from cutting baguettes to serving appetizers

Rustic wooden cutting, cheese and charcuterie boards are handy and hip

You can use them for everything from cutting baguettes to serving appetizers.

If you’re into the boho-style scene, opt for live-edge rough-and-ready cutting boards, made from interesting bits of local wood (it’s all about grain, knots and defects).

Prefer a more contemporary vibe? Consider sleek tight-grained sustainable hardwood and bamboo boards. The up-cycled cheese boards at Vancouver’s Union Wood Company seem to satisfy both crowds.

If you’re concerned about keeping your boards clean for serving, simply layer a piece of parchment paper under your cheese and other nibbles. Rubbing your boards with food-grade mineral oil from time to time will also help condition and protect them.

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