West Elm Holiday DIY Napkin Rings

West Elm makes holiday crafting easy and fun! Check out how to make personalized napkin rings for all of your dining festivities this year

With just a needle and thread, turn this simple garland into a fun holiday table accessory.


On November 14, Jenny Batt, crafter and blogger extraordinaire stopped by West Elm Vancouver to help a lucky few learn how to personalize a set of felted napkin rings just in time for the holidays. Follow the steps below and deck your holiday table with this fun, festive accessory.

Materials you’ll need: West Elm Felt Garland (red or white), sewing needle, red or white thread (and lots of it), scissors, and a crafting partner (optional but an extra set of hands is recommended).

Step 1: Prepare your String

Set up your sewing needle for threading with about two feet of string. Don’t worry if you didn’t thread enough for more than one ring. You can always repeat this step when you go to make your next one.

Step 2: Cut the top String

The top string of your West Elm felt garland will have a loop on it – cut this part off. Doing so allows you to pull off one ball at a time as you start making your rings.

Step 3: Create the Ring

Start by taking one of your felt balls and putting your sewing needle directly through the middle of the ball. Push it down the string far enough to leave room for more balls (there should be nine balls in each ring).

Step 4: Repeat

Do this until you have a line of nine balls lined along your thread. Make sure you have enough string on both ends to be tied together.

Step 5: Tie It

Have a friend hold the ends tightly together to make a small circle. Make sure there isn’t much space between each ball and tie a few knots to hold them in place.

Step 6: Cut Leftover String

The finished result will look like the picture above (small and donut-shaped).

And voila! You have your very own adorable little napkin ring. Repeat this process until all remaining balls are used or until the desired amount of napkin rings are made.