Wreath Creations

Learn to make five unique and memorable wreaths to welcome guests at your front door.

Credit: Terry Guscott

During the holidays, wreaths symbolize the “everlasting.” So hang one on your front door this season and send a signal to guests that they are always welcome.
Creating a Holiday Wreath +++color=”red”>
Having a wreath on your door is a sure sign of holiday hospitality. Here we provide tips on how to craft a beautiful grapevine wreath.
Fresh from the Garden Holiday Wreath +++color=”green”>
The secret to the longevity of wreaths is moss, which binds the greenery bundles to the wreath and keeps the greens moist.
Step-by-Step Wreath Making +++color=”red”>
Get out the gloves and scissors, gather bundles of your favourite greenery, and follow these easy steps to make your own festive wreath.
Make a Leaf Wreath +++color=”green”>
Nature creates the colours of Christmas in this leafy wreath. Fallen oak leaves in shades of red and orange are amassed together to make this decoration.

Make a Red Wreath +++color=”red”>
Create your own version of this striking, monochromatic wreath with some favourite berries.

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